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Easy Read Drum Charts......
The drum charts on this site are the result of 30 years of playing drum charts.

I have read thousands of drum charts written by many different arrangers. Many of these charts were confusing because the well meaning music arrangers really don't understand drumming and it's complexities.

I make the charts as simple to read as possible while maintaining a high standard of accuracy. A not so confident reader can choose to play just the basics and still sound like they know the song, while a good reader can play it all and really get into the song.

I mainly write out top 40 hits but I will do requests whenever possible. Because of the massive production, overdubbing and computer driven sounds that are used on many songs these days I concentrate on the main lines that 1 drummer behind 1 drum set can play.

This site is primarily designed to empower and EDUCATE drummers. This site is about playing the best that you can and reducing the fears that so many drummers have about reading.

If you are practicing using books like Louis Bellsons Modern Reading Text In 4/4, Colin Baileys Bass Drum Control , John Pickering's The Drummers Cook Book or any other syncopation book then you can read my charts.

Wherever possible try to find the official publications of any songs you may be searching for.

I hope you find my charts useful.

Thank you,


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