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Easy Read Drum Charts......
1. Being able to read increases your chances of working.

2. You will gain greater respect from others players which by word of mouth will lead to more high profile gigs.

3.You will have greater confidence in your playing ability and others will see and hear this too.

4. You do not have to memorize songs for hours on end.

5. I hear you saying,” Many top drummers don’t know how to read” sure this is true but there are always exceptions to the rule. These players are naturally super talented drummers. Not all of us are!

6. If you audition for a band you really want to join what happens if they put a chart in front of you (because the band does the occasional backing of artists) and they count it in. Oops there goes another lost opportunity and a part of your good reputation as an otherwise reliable drummer.

7. No time to learn a couple of new songs for tonight’s rehearsal. (You know how embarrassing and a waste of rehearsal time it is when others don’t know the material) Simply print out the charts you need and you can go to rehearsal prepared.

8. You will know where things fall in the song. That is, where the breakdown is, how long the guitar solo is, how the song starts and ends etc. Memory can fail you the charts won’t. It also helps to stop those arguments about the “dumb drummer doesn’t know how the arrangement goes”.

9. If you have played in many bands over the years and you don’t play the songs on a regular basis you will forget them. If you have the chart and can read a little and let’s face it if you can read out of a syncopation book then you can find your way through a chart of mine.

10. You want to do session work? You must be able to read to some plausible degree.

11. It is about education. Learn to be a better player. Knowledge is power. Knowing how to read and I am not talking about being the best in the world but being as best as you can and having a great feel for the music is a very powerful combination.

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